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Yaki Soba fried noodles

Quick Yaki Soba (fried noodles)

Japanese is one my favorite cuisines. I dare say it’s on top of my food wish list. I love the simplicity of Japanese recipes with use of high quality products and produce. And I like how they keep working on their recipes till perfection. I haven’t perfected this Yaki Soba dish yet, but it has some other Japanese qualities like it’s simplicity and… Read more →

Creamy mushroom soup in bowl

Creamy mushroom soup

Most recipes I posted so far are desserts. This is not on purpose, I guess I just like making desserts a lot more than anything else. But still, as nice as they are to eat, you can’t have them all the time. Even when the ingredients are changed from processed to whole – from sugar loaded to refined sugar-free. They… Read more →