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Fresh prune tart

Fresh plum tart (vegan and gluten free)

Hey, you wanna pick some plums? – I was like, ok. And after 10 minutes I ended up with 3 kilos of fresh ripe plums. There were so many! Handpicked from the garden and free from pesticides and stuff.  These plums are so ripe, sweet and juicy right now. Prefect. But what’s a girl gotta do with so many plums – right…make some… Read more →

Fresh strawberry tarts

Fresh strawberry tarts

 I love spring and all the fresh fruits it bears. Especially them strawberries – keep em coming in! I found these small, sweet strawberries at the farmers market. They’re called dutch mountain strawberries in dutch, don’t know why – there are no mountains here in Holland at all. These simple tarts compliment the sweet taste of the fresh strawberries perfectly, with an… Read more →