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Homemade granola in jar

Homemade granola (in only 20 minutes)

Get ready to have your kitchen smell divine. Making your own granola is so easy all you need is an oven and a little patience. You can vary the ingredients to your liking, or just use whatever is in your pantry at the moment. Not only can you cut down on sugar this way – most granola is loaded with… Read more →

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake with slice

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake

Just writing about this cheesecake makes me happy. Come on! Coconut and mango. A super combo. With a crunchy nut crust, a creamy filling and fresh fruit on top – this is a great dessert and will satisfy your cheesecake cravings, no problem! I changed the ingredient from a traditional cheesecake, it’s vegan – so no dairy involved and refined sugar free… Read more →

Fresh baked crackers

Homemade fiber crackers

    Not fire crackers but fiber crackers. They can taste like firecrackers if you want them to – just add some chilly powder. In fact, you can change all the ingredients to your liking. Use your favorite seeds or nuts. Or use chia seed instead of the flax seed. Use any flour you like and play around with the seasoning. Just… Read more →