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coconut lemon cake

Coconut lemon cake (gluten and sugarfree)

I made coconut cake before and I made coconut macaroons before. Both super yummy recipes. But this coconut lemon cake is a whole other level. Super moist, fluffy and a nice zing of fresh lemon and zest. It does require a little more effort than the usual cakes I make. But sieving the flours and whipping up the egg whites… Read more →

Fresh prune tart

Fresh plum tart (vegan and gluten free)

Hey, you wanna pick some plums? – I was like, ok. And after 10 minutes I ended up with 3 kilos of fresh ripe plums. There were so many! Handpicked from the garden and free from pesticides and stuff.  These plums are so ripe, sweet and juicy right now. Prefect. But what’s a girl gotta do with so many plums – right…make some… Read more →

Vegan matcha cheesecake slice

Vegan matcha cheesecake

While picking all the ripe raspberries in our little garden, the bright colors inspired me. I’m talking about the bright green of course. Matcha green. So I whipped up this vegan cheesecake and flavored it with my favorite flavor. It goes really well with the raspberries. It’s a super easy recipe, I always have these ingredients ready – raw cashew nuts… Read more →

Raw cocoa chocolates

Raw cocoa chocolates

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of chocolate before. Antioxidants to keep you from getting sick, flavonoids to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. There are minerals like magnesium and copper. And it makes you feel good! Of course they’re talking about dark chocolate, a minimum 70% cocoa. And more specific, raw cocoa. Most chocolate bars have their cocoa heated –… Read more →

Coconut macaroons

Vegan coconut macaroons

Crunchy outside and soft in the middle. Full on coconut flavor – with hints of lime and vanilla. That’s what these lovely macaroons are.  They smell so good fresh from the oven! I had to make a second batch for the photo’s because the first batch was finished before I knew it. They were that good. Oh, and they’re vegan and… Read more →

Salted caramel banana squares

Salted caramel banana squares

Who doesn’t like a sweet and salty combination -cheese and jelly, nut butter with banana… A little bit of salt in your sweet bakings really brings out the flavors. That’s why there is no recipe here without that pinch of himalayan salt. Or any unrefined salt for that matter. To make this recipe without any sweeteners your bananas have to be really… Read more →

chocolate cake sliced

Easy chocolate cake (gluten- and sugarfree)

This cake is not only easy to make, it’s super tasty too. And the good part is that it’s gluten and refined sugar free. And if you can keep it for that long – it tastes even better the next day, and the day after that. Thanks to to coconut flour it stays moist and fluffy. It also adds a… Read more →

Fresh strawberry tarts

Fresh strawberry tarts

 I love spring and all the fresh fruits it bears. Especially them strawberries – keep em coming in! I found these small, sweet strawberries at the farmers market. They’re called dutch mountain strawberries in dutch, don’t know why – there are no mountains here in Holland at all. These simple tarts compliment the sweet taste of the fresh strawberries perfectly, with an… Read more →

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake with slice

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake

Just writing about this cheesecake makes me happy. Come on! Coconut and mango. A super combo. With a crunchy nut crust, a creamy filling and fresh fruit on top – this is a great dessert and will satisfy your cheesecake cravings, no problem! I changed the ingredient from a traditional cheesecake, it’s vegan – so no dairy involved and refined sugar free… Read more →

Lime and coconut cookies

Lime and coconut cookies

I just got back from a trip to Portugal. We cruised around the country for a week – had lots of good food, even tried some of their famous pastries. Call me crazy but I missed baking myself. So back home now – and even though today is a hot day (temperature is 28 degrees celsius) – I still want to… Read more →