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vegan scones jam cream

Easy vegan scones

These yummy vegan scones are irresistible fresh from the oven. Great for breakfast or brunch. Or as a sweet treat. Made with coconut oil, or if you don’t prefer plant based, you can use grass fed butter instead. The trick is to not let the coconut oil or butter melt and to knead the dough as little as possible. There’s… Read more →

Honey lemon ginger cookies

Honey lemon ginger cookies

Honey, lemon and ginger is a great combo for when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Honey to sooth. Lemon to refresh. And ginger to fight off the cold and give that extra zing you need. Since we’re still in the middle of winter – outside the snow refuses to meltĀ – I think we can use that nice combo.… Read more →

Spelt crackers

Spelt and seed crackers

I don’t eat bread anymore for a while. I always felt like it drained more energy than gave me some. So I gave it up. But I do sometimes miss how easy it can be for lunch – topping a sandwich with all sorts of goodies. I think that’s why I like crackers so much. Especially the organic spelt and… Read more →