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Gluten free Orange and fig cookies

Orange and fig cookies (gluten free and vegan)

Here’s a nice combo, orange and fig with cardamom and a hint of vanilla. All in an easy to make, gluten free and refined sugar free vegan cookie. I guarantee, they’ll be finished in no time. I made this recipe three times now and everything was gone within a day. You can make it all in one bowl – by… Read more →

Strawberry oat crumb bars

Strawberry oat crumble bars

The sun is finally showing itself after months of absence and I get into spring modus right away. All I wanna do is be outside, enjoy the warmth and light – and eat fresh berries. Maybe that’s why I got seduced to buy fresh strawberries at the supermarket today and – of course got disappointed because they are waaay out… Read more →

easy apple muffins

Easy apple muffins

It’s been a long long time since I’ve posted any new recipes. Not that I think that anyone is following me at this moment. But for those who wonder why, I’ve moved into a new house and with that house, an awesome new kitchen. These easy apple muffins are the first things I baked in my brand new oven. I didn’t… Read more →

Matcha bites

Matcha bites (sugarfree)

These dreamy matcha bites have three layers of goodness. A crunchy base, creamy matcha filling and matcha chocolate on top. It can be made raw and vegan, but I prefer the sunflower seeds, oats and shredded coconut toasted. And by using honey the chocolate on top will be a nice bright green. Of course you can make them raw and vegan… Read more →

Blueberry muffins

Blueberry muffins (gluten free)

My husband asked me if I could make him a snack to bring along to work. He normally doesn’t want to bring any of my cakes, because he doesn’t want to share hahaha. But these blueberry muffins are easy to bring and easy to share. The keep well and are nice and moist for several days – if you can… Read more →

Quark cheesecake 3 pieces

Quark cheesecake with raspberry coulis

I like trying out new things, discovering new things. And with things I mean food – of course – or places where you can get food. Farmers markets, little coffee houses with homemade cakes, supermarkets. You may also like: Caramel shortbread squares Bright matcha cookies Roti Kukus (and memories) Coconut-flour brownies Read more →

Matcha cookies and coconut milk in glass

Bright matcha cookies

Today seems like such a gloomy day. The sun hasn’t shown itself at all. And our newly moved in next-door neighbors decided early this morning it was a good time to start drilling in the walls. All in all this day needs some brightening up. And I can think of no better way to do that than with some bright… Read more →

Buckwheat cookie pile | belly-business.com

Easy buckwheat cookies

  My first blogpost ever on this site is a recipe for buckwheat cookies. It’s funny that I never made these cookies before making this post or even used these ingredients before in a cookie. I had to make some pictures to create some content for this site and I had just bought some buckwheat groat on the market to try… Read more →