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Raw cocoa chocolates

Raw cocoa chocolates

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of chocolate before. Antioxidants to keep you from getting sick, flavonoids to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. There are minerals like magnesium and copper. And it makes you feel good! Of course they’re talking about dark chocolate, a minimum 70% cocoa. And more specific, raw cocoa. Most chocolate bars have their cocoa heated –… Read more →

Caramel shortbread squares with teapot

Caramel shortbread squares

I love recipes that are quick and easy. When you only need one bowl, no kitchen machines you have to clean afterwards. Simple ingredients you always have at hand in your pantry. Baking without stress and then full enjoyment without too much fuss. Well this recipe isn’t one of them. It does come with al little fuss, cleaning machines mostly.… Read more →