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maca chia power bar

Maca and chia power bar

Here we’re going to dive a little bit into the superfood madness. Because yes, maca and chia seeds are considered superfood by most. I tried most of the superfoods out there – like wheatgrass, goji berries, bee pollen, hemp seed and spriulina – with varied results. Actually I’m not such a big fan of superfoods, at least not the ones they… Read more →

Dateballs with coconut

Powersnack ball

I can’t decide if powersnack ball is actually a nice way to describe this recipe. I agree it sounds a bit weird. But it is a great powersnack for when you need that extra little bit of energy. And they just happend to be balls because it’s easy to make them that way. They can be a healthy snack. They look like… Read more →