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coconut vanilla custard

Coconut vanilla custard

I just had to share this recipe as soon as I had some. This coconut custard is light, creamy and delicious. The recipe was originally for a custard pie – but I changed the ingredients and had some custard dessert instead. I will come back with a custard pie recipe soon, but meanwhile I am going to enjoy this dessert. This recipe is enough… Read more →

Pomegranate granolabars

Pomegranate granola bars

  Don’t know what to do with all that fresh pomegranate in your fruit basket?? They are so versatile! Put the seeds in your salad or squeeze them like oranges for some fresh juice. They are also great with dark chocolate for a homemade chocolate bar. Or eat them just like that – they’ll keep for a long time. Pomegranate seeds are… Read more →