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Bring on the fat please

Don’t stop, don’t stop jiggle that fat – Missy is singing it out loud in ‘Pass that dutch’. Which happens to be on the radio right now. She’s right, we should embrace fat – it gives us so many good things. Yeah I know she means a different kind of fat – which is really important to appreciate too. But… Read more →

Vegan cashew butter cookies with blueberries

Cashew butter cookies with blueberries

I should enclose a warning with these cookies. They are super delicious, but also super filling. When they’re freshly baked, cooled down just enough to have a bite, you’ll immediately want another one and one more. That’s how tasty they are. But with the cashew butter and stuff, also very filling. You might end up feeling like I do right… Read more →

Blueberry olive maple slices

Blueberry olive and maple cake

So happy that spring has begun. We’ve had some beautiful sunny days and the days are longer too. I’ve been enjoying walking outside so much and really noticed how much I’ve missed the sun. I’m always in a way better mood when I’ve had some sunlight and have way more energy. And visiting the farmers market is way more appealing… Read more →