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Matcha bites

Matcha bites (sugarfree)

These dreamy matcha bites have three layers of goodness. A crunchy base, creamy matcha filling and matcha chocolate on top. It can be made raw and vegan, but I prefer the sunflower seeds, oats and shredded coconut toasted. And by using honey the chocolate on top will be a nice bright green. Of course you can make them raw and vegan… Read more →

Vegan matcha cheesecake slice

Vegan matcha cheesecake

While picking all the ripe raspberries in our little garden, the bright colors inspired me. I’m talking about the bright green of course. Matcha green. So I whipped up this vegan cheesecake and flavored it with my favorite flavor. It goes really well with the raspberries. It’s a super easy recipe, I always have these ingredients ready – raw cashew nuts… Read more →

Matcha cookies and coconut milk in glass

Bright matcha cookies

Today seems like such a gloomy day. The sun hasn’t shown itself at all. And our newly moved in next-door neighbors decided early this morning it was a good time to start drilling in the walls. All in all this day needs some brightening up. And I can think of no better way to do that than with some bright… Read more →