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vegan scones jam cream

Easy vegan scones

These yummy vegan scones are irresistible fresh from the oven. Great for breakfast or brunch. Or as a sweet treat. Made with coconut oil, or if you don’t prefer plant based, you can use grass fed butter instead. The trick is to not let the coconut oil or butter melt and to knead the dough as little as possible. There’s… Read more →

Buckwheat whole groats and flour

What I use for baking (flours)

You’ll find that most of the cakes I make are gluten-free. It’s not that I┬áhave┬áceliac disease, but I found that I didn’t responded well to gluten – especially not wheat. Getting rid of wheat from my diet really improved my general wellbeing. I used to eat it a lot since it’s in almost everything – manufacturers sneak it into all… Read more →