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Vegan mango mousse with granola

Vegan mango mousse

This mousse is light, fluffy and sugar free. It’s also vegan, so no dairy involved. It only has 4 ingredients and all you need is a good blender. It’s a great combo with homemade coconut and mango granola. You only need to soak the cashew nuts and refrigerate the can of coconut milk the night before. But other than that,… Read more →

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake with slice

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake

Just writing about this cheesecake makes me happy. Come on! Coconut and mango. A super combo. With a crunchy nut crust, a creamy filling and fresh fruit on top – this is a great dessert and will satisfy your cheesecake cravings, no problem! I changed the ingredient from a traditional cheesecake, it’s vegan – so no dairy involved and refined sugar free… Read more →

Quark cheesecake 3 pieces

Quark cheesecake with raspberry coulis

I like trying out new things, discovering new things. And with things I mean food – of course – or places where you can get food. Farmers markets, little coffee houses with homemade cakes, supermarkets. You may also like: Caramel shortbread squares Bright matcha cookies Roti Kukus (and memories) Coconut-flour brownies Read more →

coconut vanilla custard

Coconut vanilla custard

I just had to share this recipe as soon as I had some. This coconut custard is light, creamy and delicious. The recipe was originally for a custard pie – but I changed the ingredients and had some custard dessert instead. I will come back with a custard pie recipe soon, but meanwhile I am going to enjoy this dessert. This recipe is enough… Read more →

Matcha cookies and coconut milk in glass

Bright matcha cookies

Today seems like such a gloomy day. The sun hasn’t shown itself at all. And our newly moved in next-door neighbors decided early this morning it was a good time to start drilling in the walls. All in all this day needs some brightening up. And I can think of no better way to do that than with some bright… Read more →

Caramel shortbread squares with teapot

Caramel shortbread squares

I love recipes that are quick and easy. When you only need one bowl, no kitchen machines you have to clean afterwards. Simple ingredients you always have at hand in your pantry. Baking without stress and then full enjoyment without too much fuss. Well this recipe isn’t one of them. It does come with al little fuss, cleaning machines mostly.… Read more →