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Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake with slice

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake

Just writing about this cheesecake makes me happy. Come on! Coconut and mango. A super combo. With a crunchy nut crust, a creamy filling and fresh fruit on top – this is a great dessert and will satisfy your cheesecake cravings, no problem! I changed the ingredient from a traditional cheesecake, it’s vegan – so no dairy involved and refined sugar free… Read more →

Palm sugar jar natural sweetener

What I use for baking (sweeteners)

Ever since I found out that refined sugar was one of the culprits that gave my belly problems, I have been trying to replace sugar in baking recipes for healthier, better for you options. These sweeteners do not always give you the same end result as refined sugar to your baking as far as taste and structure goes. But using these… Read more →

Caramel shortbread squares with teapot

Caramel shortbread squares

I love recipes that are quick and easy. When you only need one bowl, no kitchen machines you have to clean afterwards. Simple ingredients you always have at hand in your pantry. Baking without stress and then full enjoyment without too much fuss. Well this recipe isn’t one of them. It does come with al little fuss, cleaning machines mostly.… Read more →

Dateballs with coconut

Powersnack ball

I can’t decide if powersnack ball is actually a nice way to describe this recipe. I agree it sounds a bit weird. But it is a great powersnack for when you need that extra little bit of energy. And they just happend to be balls because it’s easy to make them that way. They can be a healthy snack. They look like… Read more →