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Vegan matcha cheesecake slice

Vegan matcha cheesecake

While picking all the ripe raspberries in our little garden, the bright colors inspired me. I’m talking about the bright green of course. Matcha green. So I whipped up this vegan cheesecake and flavored it with my favorite flavor. It goes really well with the raspberries. It’s a super easy recipe, I always have these ingredients ready – raw cashew nuts… Read more →

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake with slice

Vegan coconut and mango cheesecake

Just writing about this cheesecake makes me happy. Come on! Coconut and mango. A super combo. With a crunchy nut crust, a creamy filling and fresh fruit on top – this is a great dessert and will satisfy your cheesecake cravings, no problem! I changed the ingredient from a traditional cheesecake, it’s vegan – so no dairy involved and refined sugar free… Read more →

Quark cheesecake 3 pieces

Quark cheesecake with raspberry coulis

I like trying out new things, discovering new things. And with things I mean food – of course – or places where you can get food. Farmers markets, little coffee houses with homemade cakes, supermarkets. You may also like: Caramel shortbread squares Bright matcha cookies Roti Kukus (and memories) Coconut-flour brownies Read more →