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Chocolate caramel tarts

Chocolate and caramel tarts

A nutty chocolatey crunchy crust and the creamy soft caramel filling, oh my. These tarts are decadent for sure. Topped with sea salted dark chocolate. Ok enough mesmerizing, the tarts tasted awesome and I still want some- but I can eat no more. I’m totally full. With all their decadency, they are pretty filling. I suggest you slice up the tarts in small… Read more →

Salted caramel banana squares

Salted caramel banana squares

Who doesn’t like a sweet and salty combination -cheese and jelly, nut butter with banana… A little bit of salt in your sweet bakings really brings out the flavors. That’s why there is no recipe here without that pinch of himalayan salt. Or any unrefined salt for that matter. To make this recipe without any sweeteners your bananas have to be really… Read more →

Caramel shortbread squares with teapot

Caramel shortbread squares

I love recipes that are quick and easy. When you only need one bowl, no kitchen machines you have to clean afterwards. Simple ingredients you always have at hand in your pantry. Baking without stress and then full enjoyment without too much fuss. Well this recipe isn’t one of them. It does come with al little fuss, cleaning machines mostly.… Read more →