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coconut lemon cake

Coconut lemon cake (gluten and sugarfree)

I made coconut cake before and I made coconut macaroons before. Both super yummy recipes. But this coconut lemon cake is a whole other level. Super moist, fluffy and a nice zing of fresh lemon and zest. It does require a little more effort than the usual cakes I make. But sieving the flours and whipping up the egg whites… Read more →

Chocolate glazed coconut cake

Chocolate glazed coconut cake

If you’re looking for an easy and tasty gluten free cake, look no further. This coconut cake is really easy to make and has only 9 ingredients – that’s including the chocolate glaze. (9 ingredients is not a lot in baking terms.) It’s also nice non chocolate glazed, but I think a little extra chocolate can do no harm. And you… Read more →

Apple carrot cake

Apple-carrot cake with orange jam

Let’s talk about fibre first. It’s filling and satisfying, and it can also help lower bad cholesterol levels. It’s good for your intestines and it stabilizes your blood sugar levels. Luckily this cake is loaded with fibre – thanks to the carrot, apple, coconut flour and added oat bran. So enjoying this cake won’t give you that blood sugar peak and drop, but a nice… Read more →

chocolate cake sliced

Easy chocolate cake (gluten- and sugarfree)

This cake is not only easy to make, it’s super tasty too. And the good part is that it’s gluten and refined sugar free. And if you can keep it for that long – it tastes even better the next day, and the day after that. Thanks to to coconut flour it stays moist and fluffy. It also adds a… Read more →

Quark cheesecake 3 pieces

Quark cheesecake with raspberry coulis

I like trying out new things, discovering new things. And with things I mean food – of course – or places where you can get food. Farmers markets, little coffee houses with homemade cakes, supermarkets. You may also like: Caramel shortbread squares Bright matcha cookies Roti Kukus (and memories) Coconut-flour brownies Read more →

Blueberry olive maple slices

Blueberry olive and maple cake

So happy that spring has begun. We’ve had some beautiful sunny days and the days are longer too. I’ve been enjoying walking outside so much and really noticed how much I’ve missed the sun. I’m always in a way better mood when I’ve had some sunlight and have way more energy. And visiting the farmers market is way more appealing… Read more →

Roti Kukus (and memories)

Yeaaaah! Happy dance in the kitchen with my mouth full. Finally I can have Roti Kukus again. I missed it so much. And it tastes awesome. Roti Kukus is a steamed Indonesian cake. Roti means bread and you can eat it like bread with a little butter on top. I used to have it as a teenager on Sundays, when visiting my grandparents. My grandma… Read more →

Carrotcake round top with carrot

Carrot cake (vegan and sugar free)

Unfortunately I didn’t grow up with carrot cake. There was no such thing as a carrot cake here in Holland when I was a child. There used to be a really bad joke that lots of kids liked to tell, about a rabbit who goes to a baker and asks for a carrot cake. I never thought the joke was particularly… Read more →