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Banana and coconut chia pudding

Banana and coconut chia pudding

This post is barely a recipe. Chia pudding is such an easy thing to make. Grind the chia seeds, add liquid to your liking – wait a little – and you’re done! The possibilities are endless. I love having some chia pudding for breakfast. Or as a snack with some fresh fruit. The seeds are loaded with fibre, protein and minerals… Read more →

Salted caramel banana squares

Salted caramel banana squares

Who doesn’t like a sweet and salty combination -cheese and jelly, nut butter with banana… A little bit of salt in your sweet bakings really brings out the flavors. That’s why there is no recipe here without that pinch of himalayan salt. Or any unrefined salt for that matter. To make this recipe without any sweeteners your bananas have to be really… Read more →

Green smoothie bowls

Green smoothie bowl

Green smoothies are a great way to eat more veggies and to get that extra vitamin boost. But oftentimes I gulp a whole load down in no time – looks good in that mason jar with straw, but I drink it way to fast that way. Result: feeling way too full and digestion not going too well. So now I slow things… Read more →

Banana pancake

Banana pancakes (for lazy days)

When you have one of those lazy mornings and you got time to enjoy a good breakfast, make these. They’ve got all the nutrient goodies you need to get you going for the day. Use grass fed butter to bake your pancakes in. It gives a nice color and crunch to your pancakes. Coconut oil is a good alternative for… Read more →

Oat muffins in lunchbox

Breakfast to go muffins

This recipe is my little triumph, making a grab and go version of my favorite breakfast. Oat in a bowl with banana and cinnamon. These muffins have everything you need to start your morning well. Made with whole ingredients and they are filling too. Have one for breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea. Or like I do, with a… Read more →