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Fresh prune tart

Fresh plum tart (vegan and gluten free)

Hey, you wanna pick some plums? – I was like, ok. And after 10 minutes I ended up with 3 kilos of fresh ripe plums. There were so many! Handpicked from the garden and free from pesticides and stuff.  These plums are so ripe, sweet and juicy right now. Prefect. But what’s a girl gotta do with so many plums – right…make some… Read more →

Blueberry muffins

Blueberry muffins (gluten free)

My husband asked me if I could make him a snack to bring along to work. He normally doesn’t want to bring any of my cakes, because he doesn’t want to share hahaha. But these blueberry muffins are easy to bring and easy to share. The keep well and are nice and moist for several days – if you can… Read more →

Salted caramel banana squares

Salted caramel banana squares

Who doesn’t like a sweet and salty combination -cheese and jelly, nut butter with banana… A little bit of salt in your sweet bakings really brings out the flavors. That’s why there is no recipe here without that pinch of himalayan salt. Or any unrefined salt for that matter. To make this recipe without any sweeteners your bananas have to be really… Read more →

Buckwheat whole groats and flour

What I use for baking (flours)

You’ll find that most of the cakes I make are gluten-free. It’s not that I have celiac disease, but I found that I didn’t responded well to gluten – especially not wheat. Getting rid of wheat from my diet really improved my general wellbeing. I used to eat it a lot since it’s in almost everything – manufacturers sneak it into all… Read more →

Blueberry olive maple slices

Blueberry olive and maple cake

So happy that spring has begun. We’ve had some beautiful sunny days and the days are longer too. I’ve been enjoying walking outside so much and really noticed how much I’ve missed the sun. I’m always in a way better mood when I’ve had some sunlight and have way more energy. And visiting the farmers market is way more appealing… Read more →

Carrotcake round top with carrot

Carrot cake (vegan and sugar free)

Unfortunately I didn’t grow up with carrot cake. There was no such thing as a carrot cake here in Holland when I was a child. There used to be a really bad joke that lots of kids liked to tell, about a rabbit who goes to a baker and asks for a carrot cake. I never thought the joke was particularly… Read more →