Getting healthy (the right way)

So you’d like to be more healthy, eat healthier food, getting an overall healthier lifestyle. Or maybe you already have a pretty healthy lifestyle and you just like to have some more advise or tips to incorporate into your daily life.

Through this blog I hope to get you there by sharing the knowledge and information I’ve gathered over the years in my own search of feeling better in my own skin.

The past 6 years I’ve been rigorously searching for a way to feel better – getting rid of the many problems I had with my digestive tract. For ways to have more energy throughout the day. To sleep better, feel more positive overal.

I’ve worked with specialists on GI, dietitians, had lab research done and read many, many books on the subjects of diets and health. It took me some time but I finally feel better in my own skin. And I can enjoy the things in life way more, without the problems being in my way.

More than just diet

There are more things to consider then just food intake alone, it’s also important to look at how you move throughout the day. Your relationships and social life. Your home environment and also, how you feel about yourself – the mental aspect.

I’m not a medical expert, if you got serious health issues, I recommend you seek professional help. If you got problems with your digestion, energy supply or other gut related issues –  it’s important to get the right diagnosis first, so you can work on the problem properly and not making things worse.

What I can share with you are the things that have worked for me. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome after tests ruled out other gut related issues like parasites and candida. I tested positive for lactose intolerance (approximately 75 % of Earths population is lactose intolerant).

Researching, trying and testing got me to a point now where I know what I can eat, where my toleration levels are of certain foods. I sleep better, move mindfully throughout the day. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I try to listen to my body and it tells me what it needs.

Getting there

Start by reading the posts below (more will come) on:

Cleaning up your diet/moving mindfully/clean your kitchen to make better choices/stop dieting/intuitive eating/being happy with yourself/bring on the fat

Or try one of the many recipes on the site, nourishing with whole food or indulgent and guilt-free.

So get your belly business going – happy belly happy you.


Feeling good and healthy