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Stack of chocolate gf pancakes

Why breakfast should come first

Breakfast first Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I’m one of those people who would be thrilled at an all-day breakfast cafe. On vacation, one of my favorite things is strolling down the breakfast buffet in the hotel. I can’t have good day without a proper breakfast. After waking up I usually have some within half an hour – it… Read more →

coconut oil ghee olive oil butter

Bring on the fat please

Don’t stop, don’t stop jiggle that fat – Missy is singing it out loud in ‘Pass that dutch’. Which happens to be on the radio right now. She’s right, we should embrace fat – it gives us so many good things. Yeah I know she means a different kind of fat – which is really important to appreciate too. But… Read more →

Bone broth

Why you should eat bone broth

Bone broth, yeah why should I eat it – and what is it anyway. Some describe it as the magical potion for radiant skin. It helps with gut issues and relieve joint pain. Helps you sleep better, supports your immune system and makes you look younger. Sounds all really great but what is exactly To make bone broth, animal bones… Read more →

Buckwheat whole groats and flour

What I use for baking (flours)

You’ll find that most of the cakes I make are gluten-free. It’s not that I have celiac disease, but I found that I didn’t responded well to gluten – especially not wheat. Getting rid of wheat from my diet really improved my general wellbeing. I used to eat it a lot since it’s in almost everything – manufacturers sneak it into all… Read more →

Palm sugar jar natural sweetener

What I use for baking (sweeteners)

Ever since I found out that refined sugar was one of the culprits that gave my belly problems, I have been trying to replace sugar in baking recipes for healthier, better for you options. These sweeteners do not always give you the same end result as refined sugar to your baking as far as taste and structure goes. But using these… Read more →