Beet pomegranate smoothie

beet pomegranate smoothie

When I make a smoothie I usually don’t follow a recipe. I just fill up my vitamix with all kinds of goodies and just blend away.

The ingredients I always have on hand are avocado’s, banana’s, frozen pomegranate seeds, frozen raspberry’s, fresh ginger and oat milk.

Sometimes I like to add some vegetables to the mix like fresh spinach or in this case, cooked beetroot.

So I am not going to give a specific recipe, just some guidelines for you to go crazy with your own smoothie preferences.

Start with the basics, a banana, half an avocado and a cup of plant based milk. Throw it in your blender. For this beet smoothie I added a cup of frozen pomegranate seeds and two cooked beets and a thumb-size piece of fresh ginger. Blend away and add more liquid if needed, or you can keep it nice and thick and make a smoothie bowl. Enjoy.

beet smoothie breakfast bowl

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