Why breakfast should come first

Breakfast first

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I’m one of those people who would be thrilled at an all-day breakfast cafe. On vacation, one of my favorite things is strolling down the breakfast buffet in the hotel.

I can’t have good day without a proper breakfast. After waking up I usually have some within half an hour – it really gets me going for the day. I always try to make the most of this meal by eating as healthy as possible, with lots of whole food, fruit and veggies – this also sets me on a right course for the day.

How to make breakfast a priority

Some people find it really hard to eat something in the morning. Or they skip breakfast all together. Maybe by not eating in the morning people think they save a few calories, but the truth is that if you skip breakfast you can end up eating more throughout the day – you’ll end up starving for food later in the day and overcompensate – usually with bad choices, because you can’t think clear without a fuelled body and brain.

Drinking water and eating breakfast first thing helps your metabolism get started after a night sleep. This is important because a good metabolism will fuel your body and keep you energised throughout the day. Water will also get you metabolism going and rehydrate you after the night. And a good metabolism will get all the nutrients where they are supposed to be.

Some insights; Carbohydrates are best digested in the morning, your body is most sensitive to insulin then and will digest them carbs properly. So if you like your carbs, have as much as you like in the morning. Also your liver isn’t ready for breaking down caffeine properly until after 11.00 am, so it’s best to not start your day with coffee, but enjoy it later.

Breakfast big

Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day. Most people are active in the morning throughout midday and at night the energy levels go down before they get ready to go sleep. So breakfast and lunch should be sufficient to supply you with the energy you need. Dinner should be the smallest meal, since energy demands are lower at night. I know this is usually the other way around for most people. But if your biggest meal is at night and you don’t use all that energy – right, it disrupts your hormones, you’ll have trouble sleeping and the energy will be stored as fat.

Breakfast ideas

If you have no idea where to start with breakfast, yeah a good old peanut butter jelly sandwich could be something for you. But if you like to go a little further than that here are some ideas:

Some basic warm oatmeal.

Homemade granola with your favorite (plant) yoghurt.

Banana pancakes with lots of awesome toppings.

Breakfast muffins like these or these.

A smoothie maybe?

Or if you dare, a green smoothie bowl.

Make sure you take your time and really sit down and enjoy this meal to make most of your day. Breakfast first.

beet smoothie breakfast bowl
vegan iced coffee latte
breakfast muffins green smoothie

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