Bring on the fat please

Don’t stop, don’t stop jiggle that fat – Missy is singing it out loud in ‘Pass that dutch’. Which happens to be on the radio right now. She’s right, we should embrace fat – it gives us so many good things. Yeah I know she means a different kind of fat – which is really important to appreciate too. But I’ll be talking about the edible fat please.

For some reason a lot of people today think fat makes you fat and that you have a higher risk to heart disease. But to this day there’s no evidence to back this up. Saturated fat is not the culprit.

Fat is flavor

How can you eat an egg without the yolk – that is the best part! And don’t get me started about ‘light’ cheese, no one should eat cheese that way. Or fat free yoghurt. Our bodies are not designed to eat low fat. We need the real stuff. And when manufacturers take the fat out of their products to make it ‘light’, they have to compensate the lack of taste with sugar, otherwise their product would taste like crap. Fat is flavor!

We need fat to get our vitamins, to aid digestion and to feel satisfied. It’s totally necessary, next to protein and carbohydrates.

Not all fat is equal

Industrially processed fats, like margarin and vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean oil) are to no use for your body. If anything, they promote inflammation and make you sick. Stay away from trans-fat, that is in frying fast food and packaged baked and snack goods.

Other natural saturated fats, like coconut oil and animal fat – like grass fed butter and whole fat dairy – are the way to go. So don’t shy away from fat just because you’re afraid of gaining weight or clogging up your arteries. Especially if you’re looking to lose weight, skipping on fat is the worst you can do.

Try to stick to the original source as much as possible, with the least processing. So extra virgin olive oil – which has to be kept out of sunlight in a dark bottle. And cold pressed coconut oil – preferably not the deodorised one, it takes away so much of the nutrients.

Bring on the fat please

If you’re off fat for a while or used to light products, try to slowly incorporate the ‘real’ stuff back into your diet. Replace margarine and vegetable oil for grass fed butter, cold pressed coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Take it easy, any change in your diet can be stressful to your body.

If you eat the whole egg and full fat dairy, you’ll notice you eat less because it’s more filling. Try to eat as much veggies and fruit as possible. Unprocessed and organic to get the most nutrients.

You can also get your good fats from fatty fish like mackerel and herring, nuts and avocado’s.

So when I say, more fat please, you’ll know what I mean.

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